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No one will ever tell you that pursuing two careers at the same time is easy. However,  they will boast of the reassuring feeling of having dual streams of income. One of the keys to pursuing a successful dual career is to choose careers that require the use of the skills and talents you truly enjoy exercising daily  Let Dual Career professional Wanda Russell give you advice on how to maximize your skills and talent while providing coaching on the techniques and methods that have enabled her to have a successful and lucrative dual career.  


Wanda Russell has spent more than twenty years enjoying the benefits of multiple incomes from her careers as a financial analyst and real estate agent, and the businesses stemming from each. She has written a best-selling book called “The Dual Career Real Estate Agent” and launched “The Dual Career Lifestyle” magazine that offers some of the methods and techniques that have enabled her to simultaneously have two successful careers. The advice she offers continues to be a beneficial tool not only for other real estate agents but also for those pursuing entrepreneurship and other careers.  



Up to 20 min

Team Building and
Group Workshop

Options Are Available

Fees Vary

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